Monday, May 30, 2005

When Justice is Dead: Save KT Delettre

FREE KT – Justice in America is dead

The defense attorney read a novel, ignoring the defendant who, near tears, begged her to speak up. Witnesses to her innocence were not called; evidence was not presented. Those witnesses that were seated in the witness box were not asked the questions that would have exonerated her. All had traveled from New Mexico at their own expense. The court refused to pay for their travel, normally a routine adjunct to a fair trial. Her court appointed attorney refused to subpoena witnesses. The court refused each day to let the defendant defend herself despite her absolute constitutional right to do just that.
In America even those accused of murder can defend themselves, if they ask. But not in Placerville. Or, more accurately, not KT Delettre. She has proved herself too competent for the court’s comfort.
The defendant had been incarcerated for six months before trial, her weight dropping to 83 pounds because her allergies made the food and chlorinated water allowed to her poison. She was held on half a million dollars bail. Recommended bail for this charge is $15,000.00.
Asserting that she is a flight risk she was remanded to custody until her November 7th sentencing. At all costs she must not be heard or have a chance to work in her own defense.
KT has still not entirely recovered from the incarceration caused by the $500,000 bail. It is difficult for her to walk very far or for very long.
This is a short version of the travesty of a trial endured by KT Delettre before she was found guilty for a crime that the court knows perfectly well she did not commit This is a case of an active conspiracy to use the law to destroy and perhaps to kill.
What crime did KT Delettre commit?
None at all.
Arrested and tried for kidnapping her own son more than a year ago the evidence clearly shows that she had legal custody of her small son; that the court never informed her they had given custody to her violent ex-husband. The court had changed custody ignoring state law prohibiting such an action. They had manipulated events so that KT was not informed of the hearing.
There are witnesses who will testify that Loren Oliver, her ex-husband abused their son.
They accused her of hiding but the court always knew where she was. They waited two years to begin action so that the charge could be a felony instead of a misdemeanor.
Living in Columbus, New Mexico, KT was a proactive and involved citizen, opening a much needed food coop and rebuilding her life for two years. The mayor and other prominent citizens respected and admired her. The victim of domestic violence for the 13 years of her marriage she reached out to help others -until the FBI broke down her door in June of 2002.
Over and over again this court has denied her constitutional and procedural rights and finally denied the right to a counsel who would present the facts to a jury. The defense attorney who was more interested in her novel than in doing her job is a friend of the prosecutor.
Everyone on the other side of the table is well acquainted, drawn together by bonds of greed and hate.
This is business as usual in Placerville, California. They should be ashamed. The innocent people living there should be very, very afraid. If it can happen to KT it can happen to them, too.
American’s system of courts has become a tool for the greedy to put money in their own pockets by doing favors for the guilty and the violent. The judge, defense attorney, district attorney, and entire system in KT’s case acted in collusion with the intention of keeping KT from speaking out and to do a favor for a friend, KT’s abusive ex-husband, Loren Oliver. Loren watched and gloated while they put shackles on KT’s tiny wrists. His new wife regretted not having brought their camera.
They not KT, should be in jail.
This pattern of institutionalized abuse is now repeated over and over in courts all across our country.
Something must be done in Placerville, California. Action must be taken in Grand Junction, Colorado. It can happen no matter where you live in America today.
We must act to save those at risk; we must act to save ourselves and America’s justice system. Justice must be for all of us; it must not be allowed to remain a commodity for sale to the highest bidder.
KT nearly died last year, held for over six months, unable to make the $500,000 bail until those who know and understand pledged their own homes. Now she faces something even worse. KT expects to die in prison.
But there is still hope.
The case has been appealed to the next level of court; the perpetrators have been reported to all authorities.
KT is in jail but all of America is at risk. No matter where we are today someday we too may need justice. Lend your voice to our appeal. Call your Congressmen, call the office of the Governor in California. Call the office of the Attorney General of California. Injustice has no place in America.

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