Monday, May 30, 2005

Wendy McElroy: NeoCon Flack

As always Wendy McElroy has failed to do the due diligence you would expect of a first grader.
I first met Wendy over twenty five years ago at a Libertarian event in West Los Angeles. My daughter, Morgan, was a small girl then.
This is relevant because the case she is citing in this most inane of screeds is the one in which my daughter was battered into an inch of her life by John Fund of the Wall Street Journal. I was a witness. I heard two events of battery going on over the phone. Later, I saw her bruises and I watched as she vomited blood from internal injuries. I nursed her through those first horrible days. I sat with her on the phone all one long night after the almost successful break-in attempt at her apartment in New York. John has thugs who work for him. I helped move her into hiding so that John Fund and his NeoCon buddies could not find and kill her.
I am not the only such witness.
You might ask why Wendy did not know this. Perhaps because like Alterman she never asked. You see victims and those who love them are deemed to be unreliable witnesses in the eyes of women like Wendy who would prefer for reasons of their own financial wellbeing to continue to doubt without ever asking for proof. Wendy McElroy makes a living off the raped and brutalized bodies of women and children. She is an apologist and enabler for those who steal through violence, stealth, and deceit. Her comfort level means more to her than the freedom from violence for the innocent. She is a dishonest, aging intellectual pygmy with the morals of a William Bennett. With this ‘opinion piece’ she has proven her moral weight to anyone with even a modicum of brains and objectivity.
The last several years has taught me a lot about human nature. I am no longer as trusting as I once was. I have learned some ugly truths about human action and the greedy side of self justification and how the cults of philosophical posturing are used by those in power.
At one time I thought I was working for freedom. I thought that I shared a common understanding of freedom with those who surrounded me. I dealt with people on a handshake, always taking pride in being my word. Unlike so many of my former compatriots I never tried to make a living out that work. I worked for the future I wanted to leave for my children. That was more than enough.
To them it turned out that the rhetoric of freedom is just another tool to continue the ugliness of a different flavor of slavery. A culture that allows, tolerates and enables the kind of abuse we have suffered should be destroyed so that something better can take its place.
When John Fund lied to my daughter he took from her. When he coerced her into having an abortion he destroyed the child she wanted. When he battered her and stole thousands of dollars from her with the help of American Express, Citibank and Chase he committed felonies. He used his influence in continuous attempts to destroy both of us so that he would not be found out. But he was. The courts do not work well. They are often corrupt and it is difficult for those who have less to get the simple justice that our ancestors believed were their due.
Today the fight for freedom is not to be fought in the safe incestuous maunderings of the political parties but at the grass roots.
Only when all of the power is returned to the people will America be free. When that happens Wendy will have to find an honest job.
Unlike Wendy McElroy I do not expect to be believed in the absence of proof.

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