Monday, May 30, 2005

Recalling Gray Davis: He failed to act

The real reason Gray Davis should be recalled

Buddy has not seen his mother in over a year. His mother misses him
desperately. She is no longer quite sure what he looks like. A child changes so much at eight. She thought about him while she was locked in jail, held on half a million dollars bail. This is the second time Buddy has been kidnapped by the authorities responsible for keeping victims of violence safe.
KT Delettre, Buddy's mother is the survivor of domestic violence. Her abuser, Loren Oliver, tried to abort her son when she was eight months pregnant, battering her pregnant abdomen. He told her he would kill her, if he could get away with it.
What he did not accomplish then he is trying to do using the courts. KT nearly died in prison. Unable to raise the half million dollars her weight dropped to 82 pounds as she was slowly starved nearly to death.
The authorities know exactly what they are doing.
By trading favors with the powers that be in El Dorado County, California this violent abuser has stretched his violent hands through the system to continue an abuse that lasted the entire 13 years of their marriage.
KT fears her son is again being abused, as he was when Buddy lived with Oliver the last time the same court charged her with kidnapping. In 1998 the jury took just a few minutes to exonerate her entirely. She was free, but financially destroyed.
This District Attorney is being investigated by the Grand Jury. It was a long time coming because many people were afraid to speak up. Ugly things happen to people in El Dorado who speak out.
KT is a wonderful mother. The social worker assigned to her case in 1998 said she had never seen better mothering skills. By California law batterers are prevented from having custody. This court ignored the law
The system in California does not work. With billions of dollars being spent on politics justice is still impossible for this tiny woman and her son. This is the true measure of who is heading the government we pay to maintain. This is who Gray Davis really is.
He is the man who ignores the suffering of those who are powerless.
Gray Davis could have prevented this atrocity but he was too busy with his perks and with politics as usual. He rubber-stamped the paperwork that jailed KT for half a million dollars and took her child from her.
He was repeatedly begged to intervene. He never bothered to respond. Of course, neither did anyone else.

State Senator Sheila Kuehl knows KT. KT gave testimony that moved the dialogue on the measure passed to ensure that abusive men could not get custody of children. Senator Kuehl is too busy to help. Her aide told KT to stop bothering the senator with her pleas. The senator was too important to care. We can all be sure she is anxiously considering her employment opportunities for when she is term limited out of office.
This is not an issue of the lesser of two evils. It is a pity we cannot recall them all.
We trust government to oversee our institutions of justice. Human life is always more important to us than money. We trust them to make sure that the power we put into their hands is not abused. That is a trust that has been badly placed.
Ordinary people matter. If it can happen to KT and her small son it can happen to any of us.
We volunteer our time and money after paying taxes to keep shelters open and provide safety for victims. We see every day how flawed and unreliable government is for making small lives are safe.
When Buddy was seized by force and turned over to a man with a long history of violence he was looking forward to a summer spent helping his mother continue developing the family’s successful new business. The business is closed now. Her family is destitute. A year of her life has been eaten up with incarceration and poring over court documents. She is handling her own defense. She has been denied procedural and constitutional rights the denial of which has freed sexual predators from prison. Perhaps if she were a sexual predator the governor and the legislature could identify and her life would matter. But Kt has always been law abiding, careful to obey the courts, even when they were entirely unreasonable.
This court did not to tell KT about the illegal order that took away legal custody of her child. With full knowledge of her whereabouts they accused her of hiding. The records speak for themselves.
If they had informed her she would have been there to protest. Uppity women have to be smacked down; no matter what laws the court must bend to do it. This is justice El Dorado style; it is an injustice that is tolerated by this state run by this governor. They claim they protect the rights of victims. They lie. Recall Gray Davis.

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