Monday, May 30, 2005

Ann Coulter and the ERA

Anne Coulter wears skirts so short you can see her brains. Or you could if she had any. She is the best argument that the foamy-mouthed Right has made for the immediate passage of the long delayed ERA.
Nasty? Yes, and like all humor it arrives at a truth seen but not spoken.
Coulter is the unwoman prime of this generation; the latest and least representative of a species of women who have carried the ball, and presumably the coffee, for an establishment that wants more than anything to deny women the seats they earn at the table of power and their place in deciding for themselves how their lives will be lived.
The ERA is history but it is also the future. Americans assume equality for men and women by an overwhelming percentage. A recent poll from Opinion Research Corporation found that 96% of all Americans believe that men and women should have equal rights even as the Foamy-mouthed Right, and Libertarians deny it to women by blocking the passage of the ERA.
Congress will be taking up the question again. So far the measure has 186 cosponsors, nearly enough to push it past the blockage put up by Republicans.
That, and other factors mean it is about to happen despite Anne Coulter.
The Good Old Boys needed a titular woman who would obfuscate the truth. They found a real tool in Coulter to replace the sad, silly spokeswoman they had found in Phyllis Schlafly.
They still use carefully forged campaigns of disinformation and managed pressure groups to arrest the future. Coulter has rung in new variations on the theme. Such women are conscious tools of the GOB network. They have a long and dishonorable history in American politics.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, along with other leaders of the original American Women’s Movement, were at first astonished to be sniped at and then virulently attacked by women of privilege. Why would those who had so much grudge other women, most of them far less wealthy, a voice in public affaires and the right to their own lives and property? The Madams of Privilege had not been asked to give up their soirees, their laundrywomen, their coachmen, and their wealth. Why would they seek to deny working women the rights of self-determination?
The answer is not nice.
The fact is that there are always individuals out there looking for the benefits of public acclaim.
Therefore with women arming for war Phyllis Schlafly still tries to frighten us by urging mothers not to allow their daughters to risk joining the military. Anne Coulter goes farther, asserting that women should not be allowed to vote – while voting herself and enjoying all of the privileges of power.
These MOPs accept the privileges of fame and adulation for destroying the future of women unborn. It is the best job they could find – and the perks have been very good.
America has birthed many famous women, women who poured lifetimes into finding better truths for all of us.
Such is the fame of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Margaret Sanger and the host of other women who redefined the world in which we live. Fame is a heady drug for some, a tool for others.
Mother Theresa could tell you about the benefits of fame. The best holders of fame convert it into movements that change the world. The best are not about having the perks. They are about service.
This is about the MOPs. They are not good enough to make it to the upper echelons in their chosen marketplace as proponents for women - but they mightily want the flavor of fame and the favors fame brings.
So the GOBs sign them up. It is easier to join the Good Old Boys and shoot down those struggling for equality than it is to fight city hall. There are always those who valued the advantages of fame and wealth over being particularly discriminating about how they accomplish those ends. Fame and money are aphrodisiacs for self-love, too.
The subtext of GOB Babes like Phyllis Schlafly and Anne Coulter is not just, “to the back of the bus,” but, “on your back, bitch.” Not that they would fail to be outraged if they were treated like that themselves. Anne expects to be treated like a celebrity, meaning she does not expect to do the right thing herself, just to talk about it.
They have changed their strategies but their ends are the same.
Anne Coulter in particular has used the FemCard. She is blond by choice, razor thin and dresses like a two bit whore. This allows her the natural protection of femininity, armoring her from males on the left. All males hope they might get lucky, that is simple biology. Leftist males are no different.
The issue is what comes out of her mouth.
She has a mouth like a toilet and a mind to match. She calls for death, destruction, hate, and female servitude to the principle of masculinity. Her book, Slander was well named. It marks what we must hope is the low tide mark for journalistic standards. The challenge to the reader is finding statements that are true, not those that are false. We can hope that this attack of the undead of the Right will die in oncoming light, leaving the field open to a productive discourse between the decent majority.
Think of the ERA as the garlic that will put Anne Coulter back in her coffin. There, she cannot offend.

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