Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson - April 13th

Today is Thomas Jefferson's birthday and the country whose birth certificate he wrote is in serious trouble. Americans have lost their country and with it the the common dream of freedom. A pity that the media has not even noticed.
The Pundits of the Left, RealRight, Libertarian and others of the caste of the crassly and vigorously emotive are starting to realize that the last election was stolen. No one is going to give them points for being swift, but, hey, at least they finally noticed. That is more than we can usually expect. Now we can look forward to another insight. Get ready for this.
America is never going to have another honest election with the present system in place. Think about that for a moment.
The present administration is not going to fade into the sunset, their pockets filled to overflowing with the stolen lucre of befuddled Americans. First, because they do not intend to leave. Second because they don't dare do so. You can never burn enough records.
They went too far, you see. They liked the perks, the guaranteed income, and the extras. They enjoyed the view from the palaces of privilege, Congress and White House, so much they made plans to stay. They intend to take up not only life time tenure but arrange to leave it to their brain dead heirs.
America, while still a nominal republic or democracy is actually now functioning as an oligarchy, a serial monarchy where the privileges of occupying the Presidential Palace will be shared amongst the very limited number of folks who hold control in their sweaty palms.
Not so, the Pundits gasp. We will get them next time. Oh, the sweet innocence of the politically credulous. I do love you. But I cannot allow the pristine condition of your mental simplicity to impede the truth. Examine the exit polls. There was as much chance that O.J. Simpson was innocent as there is that those polls failed to indicate the outcome correctly. Kerry won the election and failed the test.
How often do criminals who are in complete control surrender themselves to justice? Because that is what they would be doing, you know.
Now I will repeat the previous statement with a qualifier.
America is never going to have another honest election with the present system in place. But we can change that. It is still possible to do so.
We can install the best and most reliable security system in the world. You have seen it, or some of its components. Remember those rectitude filled faces that confronted you the last time you voted? The older ladies that always knew what you were doing when you were a kid and could be counted on to snitch to your Mom? The retired teacher who walked a mile to return the change when the clerk got it wrong? Yep. Them. We all know who we can trust in our own neighborhoods. And we, the desperate but no longer illusioned at One Vote, One Voice, have a plan to install them at your local precinct not just to count the votes, though God knows we need that, but to register us all as voters, too. No more fraudulent voters, either. That will be a nice change.
The folks we know we can trust will be the ones we elect as our Precinct Captains to take America back. That will be the beginning of real change, change that affirms the true vision of the America that mists our eyes when we see the flag carried by. That is the front line for security America desperately needs today. It isn't even a big change. We will vote the same place, see the same people, and even get to know our neighbors better. our communities will not suffer, not in the suburbs and not in the inner cities if we have a desperate reason to know each other.
One Vote, One Voice is the focus project of a new political party, just forming. The name of the party is American Revival. You can join – if you sign the pledge and mean it. The pledge is your word of honor you will use no deceit, manipulation or violence to achieve your ends. Or other words, just do the right thing.
It is time Americans started governing themselves again. We are a nation that prides itself on doing for ourselves so lets make it true. Voting is important but it is not rocket science.
Next time I stand in line for three hours to remove the rascals I want to know my vote will count and I bet you do, too. America was once a shining light and the hope of the world. It can be again.
America is not just a place, it is a promise of unbounded possibility for all people everywhere. It is a sacred gift and a trust put into our hands for our own children and all children everywhere. It can be so again if we do what is needed.
God bless America and re register American Revival, the Unparty of American politics

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